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The Web Series: Night Creators

In October 2018, Le Germain Hotel Montreal undertook a spectacular renovation project using the best creators in Quebec. A year later, it's time for the grand reopening.

The Web Series: Night Creators

EPISODE 1 OF 7 - The Great Idea

The building where Le Germain Hotel Montreal is located was built in 1967, and greatly inspired the Germain Hotel team and architectural firm LEMAYMICHAUD in the development of the new hotel design. The renovation is a tribute to the 60s, a pivotal time for Montreal.

EPISODE 2 OF 7 - Pride and Innovation on the Construction Site

Adding 5 floors to the existing building in the heart of downtown Montreal required a great deal of innovation on the construction site. Find out how the team took up the challenge without using a crane—a North American first!

EPISODE 3 OF 7 - Exploring the Lobby and Public Spaces

The lobby is the soul of the hotel, and where first contact is made with guests. See how Zébulon Perron and Louise Dupont of LEMAYMICHAUD turned Le Germain Hotel Montreal's reception area into a stunning showpiece featuring a new staircase leading to the Expo 67-inspired lounge bar.

EPISODE 4 OF 7 - Local Talent and Designers

Discover the chic and functional new Le Germain Hotel Montreal uniforms. When it comes to mixing style, comfort and functionality, no one does it better than Marie Saint Pierre and Philippe Dubuc. Watch to see how the vision and design process come alive.

EPISODE 5 OF 7 - Room Inspirations and Design Details

The rooms in Le Germain Hotel Montreal are an ode to the 60s. The celebrated bubble chair, the iconic design of the time, is the signature element of each room and the hotel's eye-catching custom-made mural isn't to be missed. Enter and immerse yourself in the universe of this unforgettable period of time.

EPISODE 6 OF 7 - Restaurant & Bar

Le Germain Hotel Montreal's restaurant Le Boulevardier serves up the finest cuisine from executive chef David Pellizzarri and a spectacular view of President Kennedy Avenue. Step into a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and enjoy the view of the open kitchen from the restaurant's bar, Le Flaneur.

EPISODE 7 OF 7 - The Finale

The big day has finally arrived. Thanks to the hard work of the entire team, it is now time for the grand reopening! In this final episode, you will be invited to meet dedicated employees and discover the final result through a complete tour of the hotel. Welcome to a brave new world!