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Our charming blog gives you a world where living well is an elegant art.

Virginie Landry

Virginie is a trained journalist. She’s worked with many printed publications as well as online media, contributing often to their travel, art and lifestyle sections. Always thinking about her next destination, she likes to discover, and share, new favorites spots around the world.

Hugo Germain

With experience in business development in the retail trade, and an MBA from Queen’s University, Hugo officially joined Group Germain’s operations in January 2006.

Christiane Germain

As an active hotelier and entrepreneur, Christiane has the opportunity to travel the world, exploring others’ culture, art, landscape and architecture. She will use this platform to talk about her inspirations and her interest in travel, design and lifestyle.

Jean-Yves Germain

Passionate about technology, sustainability and local and international business, Jean Yves is a very active member of both the corporate world and his community. Here he will mostly be discussing innovation, business and sports.

Clarah Germain

Clarah Germain is a well-known communicator. Her contributions to many blogs and publications specialized in tourism, gastronomy and social media make here a reference when it comes to lifestyle and new media trends.

Richard Germain

After years of promoting his hometown of Quebec City as well as Montreal and Charlevoix, Richard Germain finally has time on his hands to discover the world. Curious, passionate about history, architecture and gastronomy, Richard is attracted to places nobody talks about.

Anne Laguë

After years spent talking music on the radio and in various publications, Anne found her calling as a documentary maker. She has worked as a jounalist for the Canadian Press and BazzoMAG. Anne likes small animals, big questions, and her city of Montréal, a hidden side to which she reveals in this special edition.

Mélanie  Aubin

Mélanie Aubin is a hopeless romantic who has seen “The Bridges of Madison County” at least 22 times. She runs foudamour, a wedding planning agency, and shares her tips to help you organize the most beautiful day of your life.

Jody Robbins

This former expat and explorer of over 50 countries has decided to put down roots in Calgary, AB. Indulging in her passion for fine food, art and design, Jody pens freelance travel and lifestyle pieces for the Globe & Mail and the Calgary Herald.

Lori Knowles

Lori writes a little about a lot of things: art, travel, design, sport, style. She really loves her job and can’t wait to share her encounters and adventures.

Stephanie  Gray

Co-founder of the travel and fashion blog Pretty Chic Travel, Stephanie is always on the hunt for the latest in on-trend happenings. Her favourite thing about travelling is discovering new cultures, food and art.