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Gift Ideas for Mom


Gift Ideas for Mom

Fashion / Apr 25, 2017

Our mothers. Finding the perfect gift for those who have given us everything can be difficult. Below are a few Mother's Day gift ideas for the special mothers in your life.

The gift of “me” time

Having time for yourself is a real luxury. For busy moms, what could be better than a relaxing stay at a hotel? Room service, a massage, a bubble bath ... let us organize the weekend of her dreams.

The gift of cozyness

To be a mother is to want to create comfort all around you. Mothers have caring in their blood. Would you like to give your mother a little bit of that comfort back? Give her the gift of Le Germain bedding, available online at Simons.ca.

We’ve also fallen in love with the range of Alpaca products from online boutique Demande Générale. Their loungewear line is perfect for traveling or relaxing around the house, while their blankets are simply gorgeous.

The gift of a special moment with you

Because time goes by so quickly and, sometimes, you want to spend more time with each other, give your mom the gift of time spent together as a family. And why not over a good meal? Our favorites :

Toronto: Alo

Calgary: Charcut

Montreal: Damas

Québec: L’Initiale

Charlevoix: Les Labours

Christiane's suggestion: jewelry for a gem

Few objects are more synonymous with love than jewelry. Christiane Germain suggests Caroline Néron’s jewelry - truly lovely pieces for all tastes and budgets.

Happy Mothers' Day!