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Calgary Stampede: The Musts


Calgary Stampede: The Musts

Outings / calgary / Jul 6, 2016

Every summer, in July, Calgary puts on western clothing and gets the Stampede fever! On the menu: rodeos, music, outdoor activities and delicious discoveries. Benjamin, concierge at Le Germain Hotel Calgary, gives us his top activities and tips for a great Stampede.

Take in one of the Free pancake Breakfasts around the City of Calgary

A multitude of businesses around the city of Calgary, get into the spirit of Stampede by offering free pancake breakfasts. On the first day of Stampede, they can pop up on random street corners, out of restaurants, or in the case of Le Germain Hotel Calgary, on the rooftop terrace.

Experience the excitement of the Rodeo and Chuckwagon races

Some people come to the Stampede and just go for the concerts and the rides, but the thrill and excitement of the Rodeo and the Chuckwagon races cannot be missed. The Rodeo starts every day at 1:15PM and has exciting events like bullriding, barrel racing, Steer wrestling and more. The evening show and the Chuckwagon races are some of the biggest highlights of Stampede and is capped off with live preformances and Fireworks every evening.

Try the food

Calgary is already one of Canada’s top foodie cities, but during the Stampede things get a little more interesting. All the great restaurants around the city like Charcut, Model Milk, Pigeonhole and Charbar continue offering fantastic food and service, but at a stop at the Stampede grounds is a must. From the famous mini donuts to fresh squeezed lemonade, wood fired BBQ Beef, and deep-fried bacon-wrapped anything on a stick, there’s something for every tastebud at the Calgary Stampede. Every year, there are new foods to try—tantalizing, and sometimes adventurous fare. Sampling some of is an essential part of the Stampede experience!

Explore the City

The Calgary Stampede is the most exciting time of the year in Calgary, and the party is not just for the Stampede grounds. Daily shows at Olympic Plaza and on Stephen Avenue offer a little something different from the lineups at the Stampede grounds, with street square dancing, live music, and family friendly attractions.

Dress up!

Make sure to get into the Stampede spirit by purchasing the necessary “garb”! After arriving to the city you will quickly see overwhelming numbers of people dressed in cowboy hats, blue jeans, belt buckles and cowboy boots. There are some great stores within 2 blocks of Le Germain Hotel Calagary to get all the Stampede garb your looking for, so don’t hesitate to ask your concierge for assistance and directions.

And finally...

If you have a mobile device such as a smartphone or iPod Touch, consider downloading the Calgary Stampede's free app. This app includes the complete program for each day, and is very useful for planning your visit. It is updated when you have an internet connection (to reflect schedule changes and corrections), but doesn't require a wireless connection to function. It's a good idea to update the app shortly before you go to the Stampede grounds, so that you have the most current information. The app also has a map of the Stampede grounds, so with the app, you don't need to pick up a daily program

Happy Stampede!

Benjamin, concierge at Le Germain Hotel Calgary

(Photo: Cbc.ca)