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A few tips for runners


A few tips for runners

Well-being / torontomls / May 2, 2016

Running is my favourite form of exercise. No matter where I travel I can always find a nearby route. The only equipment I’ll need are my shoes; the right clothes and a good soundtrack. I am always happy to welcome a fellow runner to the hotel and share stories and suggestions. Here are some of my favourite recommendations:

Running Apps


This is my favourite running companion. The GPS will track your running route and time. A friendly voice will talk over your music to let you know your stats every 5 minutes. You will hear your distance, time and the average time per km – this helps with my negative splits. Finally you can post your results to Facebook or Twitter.

Map My Run

Map My Run has similar functions as Runkeeper, with a bigger social community. I enjoy using Map My Run to discover new routes. Once you select your city you will see a list of recommended routes sorted by length.


Sometimes a newly downloaded episode of my favourite podcast is all the motivation I will need to get out the door.

I love a good trance / techno / house soundtrack for a hot summer run. I just discovered a Canadian DJ named Chris Allen – his hour long music mix podcast is called BOOM. There are over 50 of them on itunes. You can find out more information here.

When running in the quiet of night, or in the rain or snow, I enjoy the ambient electronic songs and samples from CBC’s The Signal.

Another fun audio recommendation is “Zombies, Run!” This is an audio drama and you are the main character. Nothing like the sounds of Zombies at your back to give you that extra burst of speed. There is a gaming element with rewards and achievements too.

Running Groups & Races

Groups are great for motivation. Signing up for a group is a way to hold your accountable for a run. I always find my times are best when running with groups. For an even better challenge, check to see if there are any races during your travels. Why go for a regular 5K or 10K run when you can make it a race? If you are travelling across Canada or in the US, there are lots of options nearby, check out the following links for information on running groups and races across Canada:

Mountain Equipment Co-Op: MEC Events

Running Room

Running Magazine: Race Guide

Nike Run Club


Happy trails!

Gregory, concierge at Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square