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Eating Well on the Road


Eating Well on the Road

Well-being / Jun 1, 2015

Busy schedule, disrupted routine: it’s not always easy to eat well while you’re away. Certainly, one of the great pleasures of travel is sampling local delicacies, but when you find yourself on the road more often than not, adopting a few smart habits will take you far.

1) Pack a Snack

If you don’t think you’ll have time for dinner, stock up on supplies during breakfast. A quick snack will pay off if you have to wait a long time between meals. Fruit, a muffin or nuts are perfect examples of snacks that will fill you up when you’re on the go. Meeting up with a client or partner may not yield the success you hope for if the only thing on your mind is food.

2) Raid the Minibar

When you check in to your hotel, seek out winning items in the minibar: granola bars, nuts and grains. Don’t forget to grab one of the shiny apples located near the elevator. They’re handy and will easily cut your cravings in half. Best of all, you’ll avoid showing up to a business dinner famished, with a strong urge to steal bread off the neighbouring table.

3) Share

At the restaurant, it’s often possible to share select dishes. If you have a sweet tooth, split your treat with colleagues, or pass on your turn at the bread basket. You’ll feel lighter afterwards and won’t spend all afternoon digesting.

4) Avoid False Healthy Options

A salad soaked in dressing, tempura vegetables and gluten-free chocolate cake aren’t the healthy choices they pretend to be. They’re full of fat or sugar or both. Ask for dressing on the side, skip the fried foods and share your dessert, whether it’s gluten free or not.

5) Recognize the Winners

A perfect example is Laurie Raphaël, in Montréal and Québec City, where you’ll find nourishing fish plates. Their steamed halibut with “fondant” potatoes, spring vegetables and chorizo reduction is exactly what we mean. At Calgary’s Charcut, the beet salad, rotisserie chicken and zucchini and feta side dish make an excellent trio.

By Catherine Lefebvre