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Our Advice for Choosing the Right Bedding


Our Advice for Choosing the Right Bedding

Well-being / montreal / Jan 23, 2020

Our supply manager, Sara-Emmanuelle Fréchette, gives us some advice on how to choose the right bedding.

Why should we invest in good bedding?

I must agree that it is a small luxury to invest in, but sleep is so important! Investing in products of a high quality means that you will keep them for a long time.

What should we buy first when changing our bedding set?

The pillows. This is something that is definitely worth investing in and is not very expensive. Did you know that you have to change them often? I recommend getting new ones every two to five years, depending on how you like the firmness of your pillow.

Then you can invest in the sheets. It’s an investment because good sheets don't need to be changed often. If you care for them well, you can keep them for a good ten years.

Who are our suppliers in our hotels?

We have had the same suppliers for a long time! Everything is made in Canada. Marie l’Oie makes our pillows and down, Les Textiles Gauvin are our suppliers of sheets, our mattresses are from Literie Laurier, and our bathrobes from Majestic.

How do we choose our pillows?

The model we have in our hotels is the Duveteuse. These pillows are made from a mixture of 80% goose feathers and 20% white goose down. The firmness suits everyone and they are known to keep their shape for a long time. It’s like sleeping with your head on a cloud!

We also offer pillows made of synthetic materials, ideal for people with allergies.

How do we choose our down?

What makes the down so even is its construction in airtight squares. It creates uniformity in the distribution of the down so it is not stuck all in one place after a few uses. It’s what you have to look for when buying a new down.

Note that our Le Germain white goose down duvet is very warm and thick. Those who tend to get warm at night should consider a thinner synthetic comforter.

How do we choose our sheets?

We use two different types of sheets in our hotels. In Le Germain Hôtels, we offer bamboo and Egyptian cotton, 330 thread count sheets. Bamboo fiber provides a more silky texture.

In Alt Hôtels, we have 100% Egyptian cotton, 300 thread count sheets. The sheets have a silky finish, but not a silky texture.

How do we choose our mattresses?

As for the sheets, we offer two different types of mattresses for our different banners. Both are semi-firm and non-rotating. Did you know that a mattress must be turned from time to time to keep it uniform? We don't need to do this with ours.

How do we choose our bathrobe?

It’s a very personal choice. The ones we have in our hotels are made from a very thick terry cloth. It’s heavier, more comforting. You can get out of the shower and put it on without drying yourself first.



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