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5 Questions to Benoît Léger, Producer of ''Night Creators''


5 Questions to Benoît Léger, Producer of ''Night Creators''

Interview / montreal / Oct 25, 2019

It's not every day that a hotel in the heart of a big city closes for more than a year to undergo major renovations. And it is even rarer that a project of this scale involves dozens of local creators and entrepreneurs. Benoît Léger, producer of popular TV shows such as Dans l'oeil du dragon and La Petite séduction, had the task of documenting the renovations at the Le Germain Hotel Montreal, from the construction site to the grand opening. Interview.

Where did the idea for this project come from?

I met Christiane Germain when filming Dans l'oeil du dragon, of which I am the producer. Last spring, Christiane told me about her idea for a web-series project on the Le Germain Hotel Montreal, which was undergoing major renovations. When she told me about all the people who were involved in the project: people like Marie Saint-Pierre, Philippe Dubuc, Ruby Brown, Zebulon Perron. I told myself that what must be put forward in this web series are the creators behind these renovations. We developed this idea together.

Could you explain the title of the web series?

We called it «Créateurs de nuits» (Creators of nights) because we put forward all the Quebec creators who contributed to creating the perfect night in the Le Germain Hotel Montreal, from the engineers to the designers.

Why could the public be interested in seeing the undersides of renovating a hotel?

I believe that the Germain Hotels brand is known for comfort and luxury. If we highlight the people who are behind all these small details that define comfort and luxury, we will better understand what makes the reputation of the brand what it is. It's just Quebec expertise, it's exceptional!

What was your reaction the first time you set foot on the site to film?

The first time I showed up on the site, with Marie Pier Germain, the truth is that I was discouraged! It was completely demolished! Everything had been removed, it was just concrete. I went back three weeks later and it had already progressed. Today, I find it extraordinary to see everything completed. Having had access to a site of this magnitude, for the producer that I am, it was really exciting!

What surprised you most about this project?

The scale of the project, yes, but also how much Christiane, Marie Pier and Jean-Yves Germain are personally involved in the project. Of course, they trust the people on the site, but they follow everything, they see everything. In the end, that is what the Germain brand really is!

Watch Night Creators here