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Travel Like Tessa Virtue


Travel Like Tessa Virtue

Travel / torontomercer / Oct 11, 2019

What does Tessa Virtue like to do when she's not on the ice, charming the world with her pirouettes and skating skills? The former Olympic champion guides us through her book of good addresses so we can get a sense of what it is to travel like her.

What do you love to do when you are travelling?
I love wandering and getting lost in the streets. I tried to travel for a while where I would follow the blogs and the lists of to-dos, and at some point I felt that I was only ticking points instead of visiting in my own terms, in my own way. I love wandering aimlessly. And for me, a way of really getting to know a city, its vibe and its culture is to shop.

Which Canadian city is your favourite fashion wise?
Montreal tops the list for fashion. What I love about it is that anything goes. I feel people take risks in Montreal and there is no judgement. It’s so liberating! As opposed to Toronto that can feel slightly more corporate. I find it funny because my style changes depending on the place I am. In Vancouver, it’s boho, simple, effortless, breathable. In Montreal, it’s quite edgy. And then in Toronto it’s pretty refined with classic pieces.

What are your favourite boutiques in Montreal and in Toronto?
In Montreal, I love Billie Boutique on Avenue Laurier. In Toronto, I shop at Intermix quite a bit. I also really love Queen Street West with all its the little boutiques. I love to find something local, one of a kind.

Which Canadian designers do you love best?
I love Greta Constantine and Marie Saint-Pierre. I simply adore the blazers from Smythe. I’m also the face of the new campaign at RW&co, which I love.

What do you like to bring back as a souvenir when you travel?

I love that there are pieces in my home that remind me of my travels. For example, I have a big piece of art that I have had shipped out from Gorge in France. Also many things from London. I love to collect coffee table books. I’m such a book lover. I love to read and I love to surround myself with books. It’s how I decorate!

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