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Defining your personal style : easier said than done


Defining your personal style : easier said than done

Fashion / torontomercer / Apr 16, 2019

Personal stylist Ysabelle Mercier reveals her best tips to help you find your signature style, which can be quite a challenge.

Is there a foolproof trick to find your personal style once and for all?

You need to know yourself well. When I’m trying to find someone else’s style, I need to ask a lot of questions to really get to know her personality. From there, we’ll be able to translate her personality into her clothing.

How do you get to define your style?

After a thorough wardrobe’s analysis, we’ll choose three words to work with that will define not only your style, but also your personality. It needs to be simple so my client can go shopping by herself with ease. For example, if we define your style as sporty chic, we need to add a third word that would describe yourself as a person. We would then have something like colourful sporty chic.

Does your personal style evolve with time?

It doesn’t change completely, but yes, it evolves. What I’ve noticed is that every 10 years, women want to redefine themselves. I have a lot of requests at 30, 40 or 50 years old.

How would you describe a fashion faux pas?

When it doesn’t seem right, it’s almost always due to bad pairing in terms of fabric or colours. There can be many reasons to explain why an outfit isn’t perfect.

Are there any key pieces that every woman should own?

Yes, there are plenty! T-shirts, shirtless top, long sleeve top: you need one of each in black, white and grey with different necklines. Same for pants: you should own a blue jeans, a black jeans, a pair of straight-leg pants in black, a pair of palazzo pants. Also add a black jacket, a crisp white shirt and a classic striped top.

When you have that basic, classic wardrobe, how to you add some pep to it?

We can buy many fashionable pieces to pair with the more basic ones. We’ll also add some accessories. For those who are not into jewelry, we’ll find another element to play with: scarves, shoes, handbags, coats. This can become your signature.

Finally, what are the biggest trends to follow for spring and summer this year?

This season, bright neon colours are really trendy, such as orange, green and fuchsia. Nudes and blush tones are also fashionable. The best way to wear them from head to toe. It creates a very chic monochrome look. As for materials, you can try to play with semi-sheer fabric as well as fishnets. Each season, we see at least 30 trendy elements that we can play with.