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Best places to watch the playoffs in Calgary


Best places to watch the playoffs in Calgary

Food / calgary / Apr 5, 2019

The Calgary Flames have not only secured a place in the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs, they have also finished first in the Pacific Division.

Although he is a diehard Vancouver Canucks fan, the concierge at Le Germain Hotel Calgary, Ben Phillips, still agreed to share the best places to cheer on the Flames in Calgary when the playoffs heat will rise. That is what we call being a good sport, right?

According to Ben Phillips, the place to go for any Flames playoffs game is “The Red Mile”.

The Red Mile is the nickname given to a stretch of 17th Avenue SW in Calgary and it gained worldwide notoriety in 2004 when over 50,000 fans gathered on and along the streets to celebrate the Flames playoffs success on their Stanley Cup run. Since the ’04 playoffs run, Flames fans have gravitated to the Red Mile to celebrate whenever the Flames have a taste of playoffs hockey success.

"The Red Mile is what I like to call the Restaurant/Retail/Entertainment District in Calgary", says Ben Phillips. "The street is lined with cool bars and excellent restaurants which makes it easy for Flames Fans to celebrate with fellow fans after the game and continue the “Party” and hop from Bar to Bar."

Here are Ben Phillips’s favourite places on 17th Avenue to watch a playoffs hockey game

Trolley 5 Brew-Pub
Named after an old street car that used to run down 17th Avenue, Trolley 5 is a 3-floor brewpub located right in the heart of “The Red Mile”/17th Avenue. The pub/restaurant has over 10 beers on tap and are made in-house, with two excellent patios that look right on to 17th Avenue, and has a great BBQ-themed menu and large flat-screen TVs on the walls that make it perfect to take in a hockey game.

Home & Away
Home & Away is a great sports bar that brings fun and games to your experience. The pub has 20 beers on tap and a well-rounded elevated menu that will satisfy any diehard hockey fan. The bar has a ton of Large screen TVs and also has a ton of bar games that you can play at your table, and also Arcade games and more to play with your friends and fellow fans.

National on 17th
National on 17th has been a popular destination for Calgarians since its doors first opened. With long communal tables, it is a great place to meet new people and gather with friends to watch the game and enjoy a cocktail. The menu is curated to celebrate their great selection of craft beers and cocktails, and they have a great patio that looks right out on to 17th Avenue.




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