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Why you have to experience Le Spa nordique Le Germain in winter


Why you have to experience Le Spa nordique Le Germain in winter

Well-being / charlevoix / Feb 27, 2019

Chantal Barnwell is the director of operations at Spa Nordique Le Germain. She shares with us insights on which treatment to choose if you have never been to the spa, as well as why you should definitely book your stay in winter.

If a guest has never been to the spa, which treatment should he choose to be sure to enjoy himself?

We have two treatments that we consider like good samplings because they are very complete. The first is the «From head to toe». It is a 60-minutes massage followed by a 30-minutes face treatment. It is very popular among our guests. The other one is the «Peau neuve». It’s a luxurious treatment made with almonds. We exfoliate then we have a massage. Either one of these treatments give you a good idea of what we have to offer.

Why should guests visit the spa in winter?

What we offer is a thermal experience. We work with very hot and very cold temperatures. Guests don’t just sit in a pool all day. You alternate between a very hot sauna, a cold shower and some rest time between each repetition. We are lucky to have a lot of snow here. Guests can roll themselves into the fresh snow to conclude their thermal experience. It is the Nordic way to do it.

Is it popular in winter?

Yes. We have many guests during the cold season. People come here to do winter sports and the body can be sore and tire after intense activity. The thermal experience can prevent that, even more so when you finish with cold temperatures.

What is the very best thing about the region, according to you?

For me, it will always be the view you get when you arrive at the spa. The very first thing that guests see is outside, because we have large windows. We can see all the way to the St Lawrence River. It is incredible. Charlevoix is such a lovely region and perfect for sport lovers.

What is the best season to come and visit Charlevoix?

Summer and fall are both really gorgeous. Someone who wants to visit must come in summer. However, in the fall, the colors of the trees are incredible. At the spa, our treatments go with the seasons. Every month we have a new theme.