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Our Best Wishes


Our Best Wishes

Interview / Dec 12, 2018

Dear guests, friends and partners,

What a year!

We want to take a moment to send you our best wishes for the holiday season. Nothing but happiness, love and health for the coming year.

2018 was a particularly extraordinary year for Group Germain Hotels. We opened three hotels (Alt+ Hotel, Le Germain Hotel Ottawa and Alt Hotel Calgary East Village), a restaurant (the extraordinary Norca in Ottawa) and a bar (the magnificent Bar Les Cousins in Brossard). We received a Pinnacle Award for Company of the Year and celebrated our 30th anniversary.

30 years of togetherness, of human relationships, of discoveries, of discussions and of memorable moments. 30 years of great, great joy spent side by side with our teams, our guests and our partners. Watching them evolve. Building lasting relationships

30 years of beautiful encounters, from coast to coast, in this country that we love so much.

If we had three wishes for 2019, it would be that all of us, as Canadians, would be more attentive to those who live around us. That we would put technology to work for people - not the other way around. That we would be more curious about discovering the wonders of our country and, above all, the people who live here and who make a difference every day.

There’s so much richness in Canada!

Every city, village…every region has unique people who make it extraordinary. Every province has artisans, producers, and entrepreneurs who are worth discovering and encouraging.

Through small actions like these our beautiful country will become even more beautiful and strong. We are sure of it.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year,

Christiane and Jean-Yves