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Le Germain Hotel Montreal is getting a makeover


Le Germain Hotel Montreal is getting a makeover

Business / montreal / Sep 6, 2018

Le Germain Hotel Montreal is about to get a fresh new look and will close its doors for renovations in October 2018. The building was constructed in 1967, and the revitalization of the rooms will be inspired by the sixties as a tribute to this iconic period of design and for the city of Montreal. We asked Jacques-Alexandre Paquet, the hotel’s General Manager, five questions to find out more about what’s next.

We know you weren’t born then, but what does Expo67 mean to you?

I’ve read a lot about Expo67 since the announcement of the project. The first word that comes to mind is certainly design. Even today, we’re still able to enjoy the legacy of this exhibition. Innovation would not follow too far behind. Two words that inspire me a lot!

What is the place of the hotel, and the building, in Montreal’s landscape? In the cultural heritage of the city?

I’ve always found the hotel’s location to be magnificent: a beautiful building at the very end of President-Kennedy Street. At once discreet, but still very much present, it wonderfully represents the service that we offer to our guests. The new design of our rooms is in harmony with the look, structure and design of the building.

In just a few points, what major changes will be made to the hotel?

There are several wonderful transformations to come: we are adding 4 floors to the hotel (35 new rooms), all the rooms and hallways, as well as the lobby and restaurant, will undergo extensive renovation. We are also renovating the suites and the fitness room, which will now be located on the 17th floor. Our teams will also benefit from new offices and a new staff room. A fresh new look!

What are your favourite changes?

There are several: I love the new design of the rooms. I can’t wait to welcome guests when they come to stay. Our master suite will also be worth a visit. The lobby and its concept will also be unique in the Montreal landscape. Lastly - I’m really excited about the whole project!

How do you think our guests will receive the makeover? How will it meet their needs?

Our test room will be finished very soon and I’m looking forward to hearing comments from our guests. These new rooms certainly meet the needs of our guests in terms of design, comfort and functionality. Without a doubt this new hotel will allow us to offer an even better experience and service to our guests. I’m very excited for May 2019!

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